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What Saints say

Drug dealer
"I was a drug dealer for more than twelve years. I reaceved Jesus in 2007. It took time for me to beleive in Jesus, but after a period of two years my life as completely changed. I am now a pastor. I am also helping people with same problem. Golry be to God"
John Zimbabwe
Good God
I started to drink when I was 7years old and taking marijuana and it was 1987. I accepted Jesu as Lord and personal saviour in 2000. I left all but drinking was something a problem to me. I could stay for a month or so but to complete stop as a challenge.. After a preaching from one man of God i cried to God and said 'I dont want to drink anymore make me holly God'. Surely He did it for from that day i never put alcohol on my mouth. I am now running a community project providing food and clothes to the poor.
ArnoldSouth Africa
Have a Child
"I was barren and looking for a child for quite long time but nothing happened.I met Pastor Arnold and told him my problem. Like other pastors and prophets , I was expecting holy oil or water to use. He told me that God can do it. He sort time to pray together since he worked evryday except Sunday, for sure we prayed for three days at 10:00am. The last day he said I know your faith is down you need somithing tangeable but God is untangeable.
He told me to fetch the water and put a little bit salt and drink.I poured water in to a mug without thinking that can work. He said I am praying for you and you will pray for the water. I prayed for the water and drink. My stomach ached and i went to toilet. I called the pastor and tell him. He said dont worry.The following weekend my husbud arrived and we knew each other. From there I was pregnant to a babygirl. Thanks to The Living God. Not even a hand was laid upon me. No tangeable things only the word."
Lob Pretoria
"I grew up not knowing my mother. She left me when I was 3weeks old.I went to church and my prayer was God to show me my mother. My husbund told me that I must not loose trust. I did prayed for seven full years. One day I heard a call calling, and she was my mother. I give glory to God.
Granny South Frica
Almighty God
"I grew up in a poor family witghiot the care of my parents. Parents seperated and I grew up father. My father was married to another wife who was of less care.I then accepted Christ Jesus a sLORD and personal savior and my life change. I was abused so much in my life and it affect the whole part of my life. But after living in Jesus the holy spirit changed me. I am now a Pastor of full care and lovely wife oand mother of two. Thank you Jesus you make me."
Ps Florance South Africa
"I grew up without eating solid foods. Due to poor could not have money to go to doctor. I grew up in remote area where there wer no clinic nearby. In order to go to clinic you have to in the morning and come back later the day and after all you find that those machines to check were rare.I prayed to God that if it is a dieses let it go back wher it was designed. The pain ate from 1986 till 2012. I only realise that the pain was no longer in me in 2013.I am now able to eat what ever food I feel like to eat. I thank God He did it to my life."
Taruvinga Mozambique
" I did not go to school when I was you due to lack of finance. I then decied to to educated myself. I studied online and all my time was on reading the bible instead of studying. I did not know that studying the word of God was a way of accumulating enough knowledge and wisdom. When I sat for the exam I was worried. When the results came I was surprised that I passed with distinctions. Thank God in Jesus Christ."
Mfanimphela South Africa
"I would like to thank God for such a wonderful life He prepared for me. I thank God through Jesus Christ and the holy spirit for a gift of kids and good husband. Jesus is the provider in my life."