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Looking after the poor and ths disabled people is part of care God gave unto us to do. Care is to look after something with all your heart, soul and your mind.

What is care?

Any love in action shown to something without the exercuse or complain is care. All good and right mind toward the work done in a specific given time is care. Care is the vigilant upset mind toward something preventing it from harm or hurt or damaged. The TGEC caring gorup do all its work with willingly herats, souls and mind to prevent the community from harm, hurt or damages. The bible showed us that we are given power and authority to look after the earth, sea and air and all that live respectively.

Care can not taken to something which is not effective to you. The first thing is to take note of the object, condition or situation. then you study what are the bad effects over it. Good effects are also an advantage. After knowing the merrits adn demerrits the you will be able to prevent, avoid and protect the object, situation or condition from going bad.
TGEC studied the enviroment and the work God gave man and come up with agood answer, that everything is in the hands of man. Man must look after everything. YOu are the right person to look after evrything around you. God Bless, In Jesu name

Why then God created a man

The reason behind the human creation was that the man may be of God's image. MAn visible to man and to God. God visible to man and God himself. Why God is nolonger visible if He created man to be visible to Him and to man. Our Parents in the garden of Eden soiled our eyes that we may not have antmore spiritual eyes to see Him like before. God have to closed the eyse of man soon after the man chose death rather life. Life has everthing but death has limited.
When our parents chose death God took out His glory because glory does not link with death. Where there is death there is no glory of God. The bible staed that they used to talk to God face to face and even know the foot steps Of God. After choosing death the realised that they were naked.They then hid from the sight of God.
When God created man He commanded to be in His likeliness and of His image. SPiritual likeliness and apperance of Him but without power and authority to rukle in heaven. Man was created with boundaries. He was to look afthe the earth and its creatures, sea or oceans and its creatures and air and its creatures, but only by disobidience of not avoiding the taste of one fruit form the garden. One fruit spoiled everything, one man spoiled everyman, and one moment of not obeying messes everything.
Jesus came for the 3Rs that we may have all priveldges back. The holy Spirit dwells with us, he is teaching, protecting, guaiding and busy interceeding for us. SO that we may know the the secrete bihind human creation. Care after everything as head not as tail. In Jesus Chrsit we thank.

Care is the gift of evry man but depend on attitude of the man. Care is the gift of every man but something must be developed to understand your care gift. Every child has sence of caring what belongs to him or her. Thats why children always cried out itss mine, itss mine even though its not his but the mind of caring is in him. Thats the same with us anything we come around we must not tke it to be ours but take care of it so that no harm, damage or hurt. Trees around, grounds aroun, animals around, birds around, buildings around and air air around in order that they wil keep on existing withot disturbances.

In our are we have abandoned famileis take 10mis of your time to check how they are. Bring a slice of breadonly to one poor child. amke a child around your community smile only for a second in a day. Your care brings back smile to the abundoned families. Your care brings back hope to the orphans around your community. Help only one person in your area per day even per week. God is caring for us every ay thats why he gives us life. When a day come say thank you God for thsi time I am still alive

Caring is based on love

You cannot care unless love descende into your heart. I dont meant feelings. There is a differnt between feelings and love. Becaus eyou can even develop feeling to some you dont love. Caring is based on love know as agape love. Agape love is love that comes from heart strengthend by soul and later expressed by good and right deeds. Agape is also called breathren love. It is love of no condition. It does not envy, it doen not jealous but always pure. If I have care I must develop love to the object.
Example I love wild life. I will make sure when I take a tour to game i will not hurt any animal. I will amke sure i left everything ing good order. Because i love wild life if I did someyhing bad to an animal when back home I will always blame myself and there shall come time I will repent and say I did wrong. By douing that without the approval of some one, It showed that I love the wild life. Tomorrow when i get bck I will amke sure I will not do the sam mistake. If I didthe ssame then it means I am reckless and no care. If my attitude and charecter prove my guilt then it mean I am lying, I do not love the wild life I say by my mouth yet the heart is far from it.
Th esame to everything in and out the eartyh. We must love them all and take care of them all.

Love your community. As from today ask yourself how many poor in the world. Out of all homw did I helped. Ask yourself how many ophans sleep without food and how many did you feed since from the day you started working. You may find a next door kid playing with water, you were given the rght, authority and power to look after everything it's your right now to stop him or her in good attitude showing love. Dont harrsy and shout just tell him or her that the water is playing with is life.
That water is life to alla. there are some areas wishing to have water but they didi not get it. Look after the kid he is your. There people who have a tendance of saying it's not my kid and turn around. What a type of father are you. You do no to father your own children but all children. God gave us power not limited to care for everything. He did not lay boundaries in look after. He did not lay boundaries in caring as long you do it do it with all you ablity.
When come across a sick person not having anything to eat just buy a slice of bread and share you did the ingt. You did the caring part. Some they may say I do not know how to start but I have the passion to do the caring. You are free to contact our caring team. Do your best. The time shall come and this is now the time for those who worship in spirit and in the truth to worship Him.

Do not think what your heighbour is thinking when you stand up to help. Helping means you care. DO not undermine yourself because you think what you want to give is too little. It is too much and it will bring laughter to someones face. Never let your dreams and your gift undermined by someone because they do not the secrete behind human creation. They do not know that giving is a gift. They need your action to repent. They need your love and care to change theires as well. People outside do not know caring is a gif. People in the world do not know that caring for your community brings changes to the adjcent community.
Areas around will only change when they only copy it from another area. Dvelopment is only achieved only if one or two people learnt to cahnge. If you and I changed and start to care for the community. The rest will learn from us. After learning from us them the two or three from another area will learn and they will do the same to there area, by that the world turn to develop and completely change. Caring with its bases will lead to an exellent community.

Your care is much. Your two cents can make a different in someone's life. You have added a day to someone's life. TGEC started to give soup and bread to its community on every sunday after the service. TGEC found it helpful. An dthey decide too move on. This is a lesson that in life if you discoiver you gift and the reason why God placed in earth you will be able to accomplish the purposes. We all have to fufil the gift by exercise them.

Caring is for everyone

Caring does not choose but God chosen us to care as long we are still on erath. Care for you family, care for you parents, care for your children your school, for your work for your workmates, for you school mates, for your teachers, for your community for your country for you nation for your continent for you waters arond and for the earth itself.

Never hasitate God gave us all powre to take care of everthing. Turn your mind to right motive and se what will be the answer. STart to care from now. Join our caring team can help you to discover you position in caring for everyhting. May God Bless you